Gel injection

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Gel injection

Gel injection :

It is a non-invasive and fast way to make various corrections such as restoring and increasing the volume of the face, angling the face, increasing the volume of the lips, reducing wrinkles, frown lines and laughter, etc.

Lip augmentation (lip prosthesis)

– Cheek highlighting (cheek prosthesis)

2- Eliminate facial skin wrinkles by injecting gel

– Frown line removal

– Laughter line (line that goes from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth.)

– Removing wrinkles around the lips (lines that go down from around the lips and chin.

3- Treatment of reducing facial volume with gel injection

– Removes dimples and dark circles under the eyes


It is good to know that the durability and longevity of the results of the gel injection, depending on the quality and concentration of the gel used, the area injected, the person’s lifestyle and Will last about 6 to 24 months.