• The first specialized skin laser ( establishment:2000) The skin laser clinic of Bent Al-Hoda hospital was established in 2000 as the first and the only skin laser center in Mashhad in Khorasan province.And until now,lots of dermatologists cooperate with this center. The most important goals managers of this center are using the newest and updated scientific achievements,also modern and advanced equipment.So in 2011,the specialized skin, hair, laser, beauty and hair transplantation clinic that called Ziba Afarin in Mashhad was opened with using the newest equipments and continuous presence of dermatologists and laser specialists and ready to provide services to respected clients.
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1Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Laser
1- Why choose Alex laser device?

This device is currently one of the most advanced and powerful laser devices in the world, made by the American company cynosure.

Its features include adjustable wavelength and energy level.

This device has a very high speed.

This laser has the most effect and the least side effects.

This device is equipped with a special cooling system to reduce skin irritation.

It is FDA approved.

The Alex device is the only device that illuminates dark areas.

It is used to remove fluffy, thin and thick hair with high strength and speed and low risk.

nUsed for all types of light and dark skin.

Can be used for all areas of the body.

One of the salient features of the Elite device that distinguishes this device from all hair laser devices in the world is the use of this type of laser for all skin types, especially dark and tanned skin

2- What are some important things to know about hair removal?

The number of laser sessions would be different between 6 to 12 sessions and it depends on Individual accountability.

About 70% of hair should be decreased and They are not completely hairless.

The labia and the central part, especially in people with dark skin, are less responsive and only the hair will be thinner and shorter.

The interval between sessions will be 2 months.
In addition, after the laser course, maintenance sessions are required once every 6 months or annual according to the doctor's opinion.

Necessary care to remove excess hair:

It is recommended to avoid waxing, electrolysis and bandaging (any kind of device that leads to hair pulling) in the desired area, two weeks before on the face and 8 weeks before on the limbs.

Before starting the laser, you should wash and dry any cosmetic cream, sunscreen, spray, even sweat and dirt from the skin.

From 48 hours before to 48 hours after laser treatment, avoid drugs or substances that make the skin sensitive to radiation (such as exfoliators, hydroquinone, topical retinoids, AHA).

Tell your doctor if you have herpes.

Usually the number of treatment sessions is between 6 to 8 sessions, the intervals between which are 6 to 8 weeks, and after the end of the treatment period, you need an annual reminder according to the doctor's discretion.

It is recommended to avoid sunbathing and tanning for 3 months before and after the laser to prevent burns.

In case of hormonal problems, it is necessary to take medicine along with laser treatment.

Bathing after laser hair with lukewarm water is not prohibited.
2Frequently Asked Questions about Botox Uses
What are the most important uses of Botox injections?

Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, outer corners of the eyes, frown line, migraine treatment and relieve sweating of the palms and armpits

3Frequently Asked Questions about Hifu therapy
What is Hifu therapy?

One of the newest technologies of rejuvenation and face and neck lift (non-invasive).

The most important feature is that it is done in one session without pain and complications and does not require multiple sessions and can be extended.

In this type of laser, the skin surface remains completely healthy and undamaged, so there is no need to rest and the person can immediately resume his daily activities.

It is a safe method and approved by the US FDA, the initial effects of which can be seen in the same meeting, and the main effect will begin after 3 months.

4Frequently Asked Questions About advantage of Shockwave local slimming machine
What is the advantage of Shockwave local slimming machine in our clinic?

Shockwave device is made in Switzerland.
It is a new, safe and non-invasive method that accelerates the healing process by producing high-energy sound waves and increasing metabolism and blood circulation in the desired area, as well as breaking down fats, reducing the size and beautifying the appearance of the skin.
It is used to treat problems such as the following:

• Help to lose weight
• Cellulite removal
• Skin rejuvenation
• Scar repair
• Correction of skin deformities
• Skin lifting
• Removes sagging skin
This device helps to safely remove and eliminate excess local skin fat
✴ The number of sessions is 8 to 10 sessions, which may be more or less with the diagnosis of a doctor or device expert.
5Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Injection
What distinguishes fat injection from other methods of rejuvenation and volume of the face?

Its main feature is that it is taken from the body and is 100% normal and there is no possibility of an allergic reaction.
Shelf life: The effect of fat injection is between 6-18 months depending on the injection site and the quality of the extracted fat.skin.