Body jet

Body jet

The latest methods of local slimming and removal of excess body fat (abdomen, etc.)

With advanced and modern liposuction device

(Using water pressure force)

Body jet

(In Bent Al-Hoda Hospital)

Advantages of this method over other methods:

Selective absorption of adipose tissue without damaging arteries and nerves

 Much less physical and mental pain and stress for the patient

∗ Ability to perform general anesthesia and posture

∗ View action results simultaneously

Less bleeding and hematoma

∗ Reduce surgical risk

∗ Safe and comfortable operation

Reduce burning and pain

∗ Reduce surgical time

∗ Fat removal through liquid spray technology in adipose tissue and simultaneous removal of fat cells

Maximum symmetry (observed by the patient at the end of the operation)

∗ No anesthesia or surgery

 Complete the removal of residual fluid for 8 to 10 hours after surgery

∗ Discharge after 3 to 4 hours

Relative rest for 24 hours and attendance at work after 48 hours

∗ No reports of emboli worldwide

 German technology with 10 years of experience