Erbium laser

Erbium laser

Erbium laser :

Acne treatment, removal of prominent skin lesions, rejuvenation (wrinkle removal), tattoo

This type of laser due to having a wavelength of 2940 nm is a good option for removing skin layers and leveling the layers. And this feature will help you to level the sunken areas caused by the weld


The advantages of this laser are that, in places that are difficult to work on, such as eyelids, nose, lips or fingers, the treatment is performed without side effects


مزایای این لیزر این است که، در نقاطی که کار بر روی آنها سخت می باشد، مانند پلک، بینی، لب ها و یا انگشتان نیز قابل استفاده می  باشد، درمان بدون عوارض جانبی صورت می گیرد.