skin Cleaning

Microdermabrasion :

• In this method, by using aluminum oxide powder, exfoliation of the skin surface is done delicately and imperceptibly, and in fact, the patient’s skin surface will be polished. As a skin cleansing method, it will help in clarifying the appearance of the skin and responding to creams and lotions.

Clearing :

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➢ Peeling, lifting and lightning with the latest European standards

➢ With the best natural ingredients of Europe today (Talgo and Gino)

Facial massage



. Deep hydration of the skin

Removing dead skin cells

✓ Use of seaweed

✓ Comes with cleaning blackheads and whiteheads

Clean open skin pores

After cleansing, clogs and enlarged pores on the skin, blackheads, dry skin, spots like spots on the skin, etc. will improve and the person will have a more beautiful and younger appearance.

Hydration (hydroderm) :

• This method uses a gel that increases the interstitial water of the skin by breaking down oxygen and hydrogen, thus improving the dryness of your skin.

The best way to treat dry skin is to use the hydrodermabrasion method every 45 days.

The natural properties of water and oxygen are used to brighten and stretch the skin.