Skin equipment

Skin devices and equipment

Manufacturer: Medaria – Italy


✓  The latest rejuvenation technology and face and neck lift without surgery


– In this type of laser, the skin surface remains completely healthy and undamaged, so there is no need to rest and the person can immediately resume his daily activities.

– It is a safe method and approved by the US FDA, the initial effects of which can be seen in the same meeting, and the main effect will begin after 3 months.

It will usually be painless and uncomplicated in one session.

Manufacturer: VIOL

As the newest rejuvenation method in the world, Scarlett has a patent certificate for Fractional RF.

In this device, the passage of radio frequency current by fractional method is used


 Rejuvenation of face and body skin

✓ Reduce wrinkles

✓ Clear skin

✓ Increase the consistency of face and body skin

Reduce acne scars

Treatment of open skin pores

Characteristics: Erythema (redness of the skin) and edema (inflammation of the skin) will be very slight after the procedure, so that the patient will be able to return to work and daily activities immediately.

Usually 3 sessions are done with a monthly interval and of course the number of sessions and time intervals varies depending on the skin type

Manufacturer: LUTRONIC


✓ Removal of moles, freckles and various types of congenital flat spots

✓ Tattoo fixes with different colors

✓ Reduce pregnancy spots

Reduce dark circles around the eyes

✓ Brightening the entire facial skin without exfoliation with simple sun protection without scaling

✓ Removal or reduction of brown spots at the site of surgery, burns, wounds and pimples


 New laser technology with different wavelengths

Manufacturer: Medaria – Italy

Using a triple combination of RF, ultrasound and muscle contraction, this device is able to rejuvenate all layers of the skin as well as fat and muscle.


✓ Rejuvenation from the surface of the skin to the muscles

Face and neck lift


– Can be used for all types of skin types

– No side effects and damage to other tissues

– Multiple treatments at the same time without the need for rest and aftercare